Whitetail Deer Calls App Reviews

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No sound??

I’ll increase the rating if the sound starts working. Using iPhone 6

Very good

It works

Not so good

Only works as long as the app or phone stays open or on.


Make sure your phone isn’t on silent or vibrate. Works great.

Love this app!!

First time using this app! Did three of the doe in estrus calls about 30 minutes apart and right before we walked out of the woods I did the tending buck grunt and called in a decent sized buck about 3 minutes after!! The doe calls brought it to the area, the buck call brought it out!!! Awesome app! Wish the doe bleats were just a little louder though!


The deer literally ignored this

Worked great for me

I had this app work for me when a buck was chasing some does by and I had the chance to call him back in and shot him with a bow.

Sounds good

Variety of good sounds, and I like the ability to repeat every minute etc. Well done.

Good Almost Great

The calls are really good, well done and they work! App would be great after a few minor UI issues.

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